Poniatowski shaft

Mine shafts, steelworks and workers' housing estates are objects that make up Katowice's architectural identity.

As is the Poniatowski shaft adjacent to our hotel.

A bit of history

In 1883, coal mining began in a mine called Giesche (now KWK Wieczorek). At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, it was one of the largest mines in Upper Silesia. It was for the needs of this mine and its employees that the Nikiszowiec workers' housing estate was built at the beginning of the 20th century, the 450-metre-deep Carmer (now Pułaski, construction in 1903-1910) double-headed mining shaft and the 400-metre-deep Nikisch (now Poniatowski, construction in 1904-1911) ventilation shaft. A single-shaft steel tower, shaft top and engine room were built together with it. In the machine room, an electric winding machine with AEG electric motors, which survives to this day, was installed. A centrifugal fan was also built at the Shaft and, among other things, an administration building, a guildhall with a bathhouse and a home for lonely miners with 450 beds and a day room were erected nearby. In April 2017, the site of the Poniatowski Shaft was handed over to the Mine Restructuring Company.On 7 August 2018, it was taken over by the Katowice City Hall.

What is happening to the Shaft today?

Today, Katowice, Nikiszowiec and the buildings there are becoming a cultural centre. The buildings are undergoing renovation and taking on modern functions. They host events such as Museum Nights, Industriada and fairs attracting many visitors.

June 20th, 2023