St. Anne's Church in the heart of Nikiszowiec

A pearl of Katowice architecture in the heart of Nikiszowiec! A must-see for our hotel guests.

Saint Anne's Church - a Roman Catholic parish church . It is located in the central part of the historic Nikiszowiec estate, at Wyzwolenia Square. It is another unique architectural attraction within just a five-minute walk from our hotel!
Construction of this neo-Baroque church began in 1914 and its consecration took place on 23 October 1927. The church was built with donations from parishioners and the owners of the Giesche coal mine, and the architects of the church were Emil and Georg Zillmann - the designers of the entire local workers' estate and its buildings. It comes as no surprise, then, that the church, with its majestic structure, fits perfectly into the overall landscape of Nikiszowiec.

Architecture and interior
The three-nave church was designed and built on a cruciform plan with a transept. The building surprises with its enormous interior space: If the numbers and designs are to be believed:
- The area of the church is to be 2,500 metres,
- length 69.5 metres,
- width in the transept as wide as 40 metres.
- 17 metres high and 25 in the dome!
- Tower height 55 metres,
- At one time, the church can accommodate around 4,000 worshippers!
The façade elevation is made - like most buildings in Nikiszowiec - of facing brick. There are two towers on the façade and a large dome rises above the place of prayers. A circumambulation was made around the presbytery for the sacrificial procession.
The unique neo-Baroque furnishings draw the attention of both worshippers and visitors alike, in particular the altar with the image of St. Anne, the patron saint of the church, created in the workshop of Munich artist Gerg Schreiner, the neo-Baroque bronze chandelier hanging over the nave is the work of the Zillmann family, the stained-glass windows are by Georg Schneider of Regensburg, and the Stations of the Cross painted on metal panels are by Otto Kowalewski of Katowice.
The side aisles contain altars to the Virgin Mary and St Barbara. The baptismal font, the pulpit also attract attention.
The monumental organ - with 5350 pipes - was built by the Rieger brothers in Karniów, Czech Republic, and is often used for organ concerts thanks to the building's excellent acoustics. Many prominent musicians have played the organ, including Joachim Grubich, Julian Gembalski and Jerzy Erdmann. In 1987, a vinyl record was made on the instrument, on which Jerzy Erdman performs works by Feliks Nowowiejski, who himself visited the instrument in 1932.
In 1928, as many as five bells were consecrated for the church, four of which were requisitioned by the Germans during the Second World War. The smallest, bearing the name of St Anne, remained in the temple. In 1977, the temple was enriched with two new bells weighing 1400 and 2080 kg, made at the Eugeniusz Felczyński Bell Foundry.

June 12th, 2023